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Industrial Formulators' epoxies are formulated systems, meaning that we start with basic epoxy resins manufactured by large chemical companies and modify them to make them suitable for the required end use. In the first modification (for most products) we reduce the viscosity by the addition of diluents or low viscosity solvents, which are also epoxies. This makes an epoxy system thin enough to wet fiberglass cloth, coat wood and bind various fillers to produce gap filling glues and putties. Because the diluents we use are also epoxies, they are called reactive diluents, reacting with the amines the same way the basic resin reacts, becoming a part of the cured system. Other materials protect against long term embrittlement and improve resiliency and impact resistance. Finally, trace materials designed to lower surface tension, promote substrate wet out, reduce cratering and "fisheye" formation, aid in breaking bubbles and detraining air are used to produce the finished product.

These modifications are what make our epoxy systems unique and different from others. We develop the chemical formulations for our epoxy resins and hardeners. To ensure our desired level of quality, all of our epoxy products are produced in our manufacturing facility. Every batch gets tested for both gel time and thin film set time. Nothing is shipped to a customer that does not meet our high standards. Everything we ship cures if properly measured and thoroughly mixed.

The diverse background of our staff gives us the unique advantage of knowing and applying epoxy technology far better than others in the business. The development, manufacture, and distribution of Industrial Formulators products is our only business, and our staff takes pride in being personally available to all of our customers.

The dominant factor in the design, development, and evolution of Industrial Formulators products has been this: An epoxy system should adapt to the conditions of the user - not the other way around.

In 1999 Industrial Formulators was acquired by System Three Resins, Inc.  Since then we have incorporated technologies from both companies to enhance our product offerings.  System Three Resins products are available throughout Canada and the United States.

For more information, please download our publication, "The Epoxy Book." The section on chemistry may seem a bit of a mystery to some of you, but a rudimentary understanding will help you complete your tasks more efficiently. You'll find sections on basic chemistry and safety regarding all epoxies. Proper measuring and mixing techniques are next. And we finish with a useful section on troubleshooting.

Industrial Formulators, Inc.

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